Jag saxar in mitt inlägg från en internationell grupp.
My horse hasn't had a major attack since this fall. He hasn't had a minor attack since april. His hooves are looking good, finally. But he is "PSSM-y". Butt hard as a rock, sometimes abdomen will get tucked in as well. Walks slowly and in pain (pain face) despite pain meds. He will let me ride him, he loves working, he'll even give me a trot but it's listless and I don't have the heart to ride him when he's like that. He won't canter or even trot with the herd, he just plods along in slow-mo. It's heartbreaking combined with doubt, am I just being over-sensitive? Should I just shut of my empathy and start riding him again? Or end this rollercoaster, because frankly I don't have the emotional buffert for this. I'm still struggling with post-partum depression and being a part-time single mom (her dad works away 1 week home 1 week). He is my heart horse but it sucks seeing him being less than he should be. Bleh :(.


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